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   Thermal Direct Dissolvable Labels
Thermal Dissolvable

Thermal Direct Dissolvable Labels

Avery Dennison recently introduced another industry first, with the announcement of new thermal direct dissolvable labels. Important to food safety, these new labels are part of the FreshMarx line of food safety labeling solutions.

Key Benefits:

  • Prevent Bacterial Contamination: Adhesive residue left on food containers after washing presents an opportunity for cross–contamination from any bacteria still clinging to the adhesive. Dissolvable labels are virtually residue-free and therefore free from possible adhesive and bacteria buildup.

  • Labor Savings: Dissolvable labels eliminate time spent scraping labels from food containers. They also eliminate time spent cleaning out sinks and dishwashers from labels that have lifted off the surface and clogged the drain.

  • Printer Compatibility: This thermal direct (no ribbon required) label can be printed with automated date coding solutions for even greater food safety protection along with increased labor savings.

While "wash-away" labels have been in the industry, this is the only thermal direct dissolvable label in the market today. "Wash-away" labels don’t dissolve; instead they simply lift and are known to clog drains.

Significant Label Features:

  • True Dissolvability - for the ghiest end of label realted food safety protection

  • Reduced labor costs - no need to scrap labels or unclog drains

  • Thermal printing - precise print quality without a ribbon

  • Crisp, clear label image that is concise and easily read

  • Labels completely dissolve in seconds

  • Labels completely dissolve in seconds

  • Service temperature range: -20F to 140F

  • Use in the FreshMarx 9415 printer or any other thermal printer not using bar code print

  • Shelf life 6 months

According to Sue Daum - Manager, Retail Marketing, this label is about reducing bacteria contamination through adhesive residue – something that has long plagued this industry. "We are proud to have pioneered the first automated date code solution designed to reduce errors and are again pleased to bring the industry’s first thermal direct dissolvable labels to continue leading the way in providing the highest level of food safety protection through date code labeling," she added.

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Trade Shows

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   National Restaurant Association
2013 NRA Logo

National Restaurant Association
May 18-21, 2013
Mc Cormick Place | Chicago, Illinois USA
Booth no. 6654

For nearly a century, the NRA Show has brought together the best and brightest in the restaurant, foodservice and hospitality industry for four days of discovery, sourcing, networking and entertainment.

    Southwest Foodservices EXPO

2013 Southwest Foodservice

Southwest Foodservices EXPO
June 23-24, 2013
Dallas Convention Center | Dallas, Texas USA
Booth no. 817