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Monarch® Model 1130® One-Line Labeler and Labels

Retailers who use the Monarch® Crown Series 1130® told us they wanted a Labeler with a large label capacity to minimize downtime. This Labeler holds up to 2,500 labels so you spend less time loading your Labeler and more time pricing - you get the products to the selling floor faster!

Durable, Easy to use, Efficient and Dependable!

With four standard print arrangements and custom print arrangements you create according to your specifications - you're sure to find an 1130 Labeler to meet your needs.

  • Operating Method - Squeeze, Release and Apply
  • Inking Method - Disposable porous roller
  • Weight - Loaded with 1 roll of Labels - 14.1 oz (400g)
  • Feed Direction - Landscape - horizontal
  • Print Direction - Landscape - horizontal
  • Lines of Print - 1
  • Maximum Bands per line - 6
  • Character Height - Maximum - 5mm
  • 1-yr Limited Written Warranty

Genuine Monarch labels provide great readability, and strong adhesive. These General purpose adhesive labels stick securely.

Be creative - Design your own custom Labels to create your own brand within your store. They're available in a number of adhesives from permenant, removable to ultra removable.

  • Labels size is 0.624" x 0.44"
  • 2,500 Labels per Roll
  • 25,000 Labels per Sleeve
  • 10 Rolls of Labels per Sleeve
  • 8 Sleeves of Labels per Case
  • 200,000 Labels per Case
  • Each sleeve of labels includes one black ink roller

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