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Attachers and Fasteners

Monarch and Avery Dennison Attacher/Fastener Tools

When it comes to choosing the Attacher and Tagger Tail® Fasteners that are right for your applications - we are here to help with a broad selection of equipment that will meet your needs!

Monarch SG Attacher Tool
Monarch® SG® Attacher

Monarch SG Attachers

The SG Tag Attacher is the only Attacher available with a soft, non-slip cushion comfort grip molded right into the Attacher handle and trigger. This special design provides a firmer grip - it's soft to the touch.

  • Improve Productivity - SG Attacher supports up to 100 Tagger Tail® Fasteners at a time
  • Manufactured with a proven internal mechanism
  • Includes a One-Year Written Warranty
  • Regular and Fine Fabric Attachers available

Avery Dennison Mark III™ Pistol Tool Attacher
Avery Dennison Mark III Pistol Tool Attacher

For general purpose fastening and tagging, the Avery Dennison Mark III Series meets your tagging needs!

  • Ideal for tagging light to medium weight fabrics such as cotton, cotton twill or corduroy
  • Improved ergonomic design - easy squeeze mechanism for operator comfort
  • Utilizes the 50 clip fasteners

Avery Dennison Mark III™ Long Needle Pistol Tool Attacher
Avery Dennison Mark III Long Needle Pistol Tool Attacher

Fast, State-of-the-Art, Economical and Easy to Use!

  • Ideal for tagging multiple layers of thick fabric such as towels or wool
  • Extra long stroke and needles are designed for tagging bulky merchandise
  • Utilizes the 50 clip fasteners

Avery Dennison Mark III Fine Fabric Pistol Tool Attacher Image
Avery Dennison Mark III Fine Fabric Pistol Tool Attacher

Designed with a fine needle to greatly reduce the likelihood of holes and snags.

  • Ideal for tagging silk, satin, nylon, elastic, micro fibers, lycra, rayon, polyester, fine linens or infant wear
  • Optimized spring tension and short trigger stroke provide smooth operation
  • Accepts both the 50 and 100 fastener clips

Avery Dennison System 1000 Hand Tool Attacher
The System 1000® Hand Tool

Tag 1000 garments without reloading!

  • Twenty times more loading capacity than ordinary hand held attaching tools
  • Exceptional tagging capabilities for general purpose and heavy duty applicatons
  • Ideal for apparel or Industrial packaging applications
  • High feed reliability significantly reduces jamming, increasing
    productivity and output
  • Highest fastener capacity in the industry - 1,000 fasteners per roll

Avery Dennison Dry Cleaners Kit
Dry Cleaners Kit

Avery Dennison's Dry Cleaning Kit is easy and customer friendly!

  • Safer and more dependable than metal staples or pins
  • Nylon fasteners are made to withstand even the harsh chemicals and humidity associated with dry cleaning process
  • Fine Fabric Attacher help prevent damage to expensive garments or injury to your customers during removal

Avery Dennison Horticultural Fastening System
Horticultural Fastening System

Meet the tagging needs of the horticultural industry!

  • Manufactured with special materials that resist corrosion
  • Flush ports for easy cleaning
  • Super Heavy Duty!

Avery Dennison Tag Fast Fastener
Tag Fast

Designed for rugged use, such as meat tagging

  • Stainless steel needles resist corrosion
  • Extra Strong, double paddle makes gripping easier for one-piece fastener removal
  • Wide grip trigger - easier to insert long needle through tougher materials

V-Tool Fastener
V-Tool Fastening

Cut the time it takes to hand tag merchandise!

  • V-Tool applies loop fasteners in a single-stop operation
  • More efficient - faster and easier to apply than hand applied loop/circle type fasteners
  • Saves wear, tear and injuries to fingers
  • Versatile - can be used on a variety of hard goods and accessories - won't penetrate the item
  • Multiple sizes of V-Tool Loops available - even colors
  • Tags 50 items with one clip of fasteners
  • Loops have an arrow and barrel configuration that forms a strong mechanical lock

Avery Dennison Cable Tie Tool
Other Types of Fasteners and Attachers

Secure, gather or tag non-fabric or hard-to-mark merchandise easily!

  • Can only find one shoe? - use shoe ties to keep them together!
  • With Tagger Tie® fasteners - bundle items together securely
  • Cable Ties - chances are we have a cable tie for your application
  • Flip-Clip Fasteners can be easily repositioned or removed with just a twist
  • Reflect an up-scale image by using String Tach™
  • Increase product visability with Display-It Hooks

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