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Handheld labelers

Labelers and Labels - Handheld Monarch Brand

Labelers and Labels - Handheld

Avery Dennison's Retail Branding and Information Solutions Monarch® family of user-friendly, handheld labelers is renowned for lightness, durability and ease of use.
Our price labelers require the absolute minimum amount of training and, thanks to their sturdy construction, they will provide years of trouble-free service. Plus, Avery Dennison offers an unrivaled selection of labels and consumables to ensure a truly cost-effective one-stop retail labeling solution for you!

Labelers and Labels - One-Line Handheld

Monarch Model 1110 Labelers and Labels
Monarch® Model 1110® Labelers and Labels

Built for long-lasting, durable can always depend on this one-line Monarch lebeler!

  • One-Line simplicity
  • Lightning fast...can mark an 18-item case in five seconds
  • Increased accuracy, fewer errors with easy-to-read print
  • Label anything, anywhere
  • Simple operation...just click and stick
  • Lightweight portability
  • Small, efficient space-saving Monarch labels

Monarch Model 1130 Labelers and Labels
Monarch® Model 1130® Labelers and Labels

Increase productivity for your in-store labeleing operation! Monarch® 1130® Labelers are used for Efficient, Easy Pricing!

  • Prints in 6 positions
  • Save up to 75% time changing label rolls and 97% changing ink rollers
  • Speed up your operation, get products on the selling floor quickly
  • Neat and clean...easy snap-in/pop-out ink roller
  • Save money on supplies...less label waste when loading
  • Easy, fast troubleshooting..."total view" access to inside

Monarch Model 1131 Labelers and Labels
Monarch® Model 1131® Labelers and Labels

Fast, State-of-the-Art, Economical and Easy to Use Monarch Labeler!

  • Increased productivity-less downtime, less waste
  • Choose from one of four standard Labeler Models that all print in up to 8 positions
  • Use for date coding, unit and case pricing
  • Improved productivity with more labels per roll
  • Fast, easy labeling capabilities
  • Maintenance-free design
  • Prints crisp, clear labels for excellent legibility and reduced errors
  • Easy 1-2-3 label loading! Loads in seconds
  • Easy, fast "total view" access to inside
  • Smooth operation, fits comfortably in your hand
  • Drop tested for assured durability

Labelers and Labels - Two-Line Handheld

Monarch Model 1136 Labelers and Labels
Monarch® Model 1136® Labelers and Labels

Save hours and dollars with the fastest, most efficient Monarch labeler on the market

  • Make retail labeling simple, fast and hassle-free
  • Print in up 16 positions on two lines of print
  • Increase your productivity, experience at least 75% TIME SAVINGS changing rolls and ink rollers
  • Neat and clean snap-in/pop-out ink roller
  • Covered label holder to keep labels clean
  • Fast troubleshooting with an "open view" to the inside

Monarch Model 1115 Labelers and Labels
Monarch® Model 1115® Labelers and Labels

Versatile, with the greatest number of print options!

  • Provides important print options for pricing labels such as comparison pricing (show customers their savings), SKU code, shelf date and more
  • Improves productivity, fast click-and-stick operation
  • Multi-purpose marking tool, does it all, does it fast
  • Easy portability
  • A variety of labels including OUTDOOR labels which hold up in extreme conditions, print remains legible.

Monarch Model 1135 Labelers and Labels
Monarch® Model 1135® Labelers and Labels

Fast, simple labeling-save time and money!

  • Choose from models that allow you to print "was/now" price comparison on retail labels
  • Eliminate cleanups, messy fingers...easy snap-in/pop-out ink roller
  • Easy, fast "total view" access to inside
  • Covered label holder to keep labels clean

Monarch Model 1142 Labelers and Labels
Monarch® Model 1142® Labelers and Labels

The Monarch® 1142® lets you track SKU & PLU Codes, numeric dates, comparison pricing and more!

  • Quick and Easy Loading
  • Easy-to read Label formats
  • Pricing and product information is legible
  • Clean and easy ink roller changes
  • Lightweight, compact, extremely durable - built for years and years of use
  • Easy-squeeze trigger price labeler

Monarch Model 1155 Labelers and Labels
Monarch® Model 1155® Labelers and Labels

24 BIG positions and many print options!

  • SAVE time loading labels - takes 75% less time compared to other labelers
  • Not just a pricer...also prints vital day-to-day information such as SKU, date, vendor code and more
  • Easy squeeze and release label application

Labelers and Labels - Three-Line Handheld

Monarch Model 1153 Labelers and Labels
Monarch® Model 1153® Labelers and Labels

Great retail labeling versatility, wide range of print options on our largest labels!

  • Easy to load labels
  • Snap in ink rollers
  • Labels have loads of room for product, date and inventory information
  • Generous print size for prices

Monarch Model 1158 Labelers and Labels
Monarch® Model 1158® Labelers and Labels

Track inventory, billings and more!

  • Save time with easy to load labels
  • Snap in ink rollers
  • Meets tracking needs with 3 lines for information versatility
  • Prints 2-layer peel-off "Piggyback" Inventory Labels
  • Top layer is peeled off and could be used with an inventory or record keeping form

Labelers and Labels - Promotional Handheld

Monarch Model 1138 Labelers and Labels
Monarch® Model 1138® Labelers and Labels

Increase your sales and demand customer attention!

  • Large eye catching print - ideal for promotional labeling and point of purchsase pricing
  • Prints 5 large characters on one line
  • Helps prompt impulse buys with Bold Labels
  • Fast and easy

Monarch Models 1151, 1151C and 1152 Labelers and Labels
Monarch® Model 1151®, 1151®C & 1152® Labelers and Labels

Jumbo, bright, eye-catching labels will help boost sales activity in your store!

  • Save time loading labels
  • Snap in ink rollers take less time to change
  • Proven in an independent study to help increase sales by 65% over conventional in-store labeing pricing methods
  • Bright, attention-getting large pricing labels
  • Accurate, easy character selection

Monarch Sure-Sell Word Message Labelers and Labels
Monarch® Sure-Sell Word/Message Labelers and Labels

Save money...reduce inventory - increase sales! Print 12 different words/messages with one labeler!

  • No need to purchase pre-printed retail labels
  • Print as many or as few labels as needed
  • Simply dial in your word or message - click and stick
  • Eliminate hand applying

Monarch Model 1156 Promotional Labelers and Labels
Monarch® 1156® Labelers and Labels

Bold one-line pricing will attract attention and help increase your sales!

  • Makes promotional labeing easy and profitable for you!
  • Make a BIG impact in a small space
  • Create promotional labels on the spot at an economical price
  • Prints up to 7 large, bold characters on one line
  • Easy to operate, Dial what you'd like to print, then click and stick

Monarch Model 1159 Applicator
Monarch® Model 1159® Applicator and Labels

Big, bold pre-printed promotional labels and stickers really turn heads!

  • Great for route drivers and store personnel when applying preprinted labels in any retail environment
  • Moves through products as easily as it moved in your hand
  • Fast change of labels can be reloaded in 21 seconds
  • Easy-view window design - lets you keep track of label usage
  • Easy-squeeze trigger

Labels for Obsolete Labelers

Labels for Obsolete Labelers
Labels for Obsolete Labelers

If you have the Monarch® - Model 1215, 1160®, 1165®, 1166®, 1170, 1173®, or 1185 Labelers we have the Genuine Monarch labels to keep your Labeler working for you!

More Details On these Obsolete Labelers:
Model 1215
Models 1160/65/66
Model 1170
Model 1173
Model 1185

Labeler Accessories

Monarch Labeler Accessories - Pictured Holster with Labeler
Labeler Accessories

From Labeler holsters to ink rollers and label removal - These accessories keep your labelers by your side and operating smoothly!

  • Keep Labelers by your side with Holsters and Belt Clips
  • Ink rollers to keep your print crisp and clean
  • Easily remove labels with a wide assortment of label scrapers
  • The Monarch® 1110® Maintenance Kit Keeps your 1110 Labeler operating smoothly

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